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Perpetuating a family tradition of charity and compassion

Who We Are

The Joseph Lapinski Foundation (JLF) is a charitable assistance program founded andoperated by the grandchildren of Joseph A. Lapinski. In his example, the JLF strives to honor the spirit and humble integrity of Joseph A. Lapinski (Pop) through the growth of a fund that will offer continued support to those in need.


Established with the goal of honoring the spirit and humble integrity of Joseph A. Lapinski,the mission of the Joseph Lapinski Foundation is to make a positive impact on the quality of life in the local communities of our Members through support of programs and causes which improve human health, familial relations, and the environment.


The JLF raises finances and donates the time and service of its members to other charities,organizations, and causes that it deems eligible for such benefits.


Funds generated from the JLF fundraising events are periodically donatedduring the year to various charities. The Members of the JLF, the Sage, and the Board of Directors and Trustees seek beneficiary nominees out prior to fundraising. An approval process, majority vote, and Sage selection determine the event beneficiary.When considering beneficiaries based on the Mission Statement, the JLF defines its program priorities as exclusively in support of charities, organizations and causes that provide compassionate and direct delivery of services on a local community, familial and/or individual basis.

The JLF further defines its program priorities as supporting charities, organizations and causes which focus on one or more of the following categories that generate a positive impact on the quality of life.

To set forth the example of Joseph A. Lapinski we support,

  • Food and basic need provisions
  • Personal and public health
  • Family assistance
  • Environmental conservation

Calls For Compassion

The JLF maintains a yearly discretionary fund for donations that may be allocated to organizations, institutions, or individuals with outstanding emergency needs. Individual donations do not exceed $1,000. Donations may be suggested by members or by direct request and are reviewed based in its keeping with the JLF's purpose, mission, and program priorities prior to issuing funds. The Joseph Lapinski Foundation considers requests exclusively within local communities of its members and in support of charities, organizations, and causes that have direct impact.

To request a call for compassion, please email the Executive Director.


Throughout the year we hold several events and fundraisers, each with a different focus. These events include banquet dinners, such as our signature Beefsteak Dinner, barbeque luncheons, fun-runs, and activity-based events like 24 Hours of Kindness. These events feature different beneficiaries and enable us to give to those in need. The best way to keep up with the events held by the Joseph Lapinski Foundation is to connect with our facebook page, which is linked on the next page.